PRODUCTS Micron 60M - 72M


The Albarino G-type glass consists of special knurling on the surface of the glass which enables an increase in the transmission of solar energy thanks to greater refraction of incident radiation towards the inside of the glass and, therefore, towards the photovoltaic cells. In common glass, in fact, there is more reflection of solar rays due especially to high angles of incidence (from 20° to 70°).

Under normal operating conditions, the photovoltaic module is exposed to solar radiation with angles of incidence that vary as the trajectory of the sun changes. With the Albarino G glass, under real operating conditions, the Micron photovoltaic modules can attain an annual increase in efficiency between 3% and 5% for angles of incidence between 20° and 60°, respectively, compared with a photovoltaic module furnished with smooth-surface tempered glass.

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