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Micron 60 Monocrystalline

The Micron Module 60 M is associated with high structural solidity resulting from the distinctive properties of its hightechnology

• the square monocrystalline silicon cell (156x156 mm) guarantees a 3% increase in power output compared with traditional octagonal monocrystalline cells of the same efficiency class;

• high performance even under conditions of poor solar radiance;

• 3 busbars to reduce the resistance in series at the cell and module level;

• assembled with the innovative Albarino G or P-type tempered Saint Gobain Solar glass, with a thickness of 4 mm that also protects the cells from rigid climatic and atmospheric conditions;

• 1000 V of insulation attained from ethylene-vinyl-acetate encapsulated material;

• aluminum frame for greater mechanical resistance and to facilitate installation.

• resistance of module against heavy loads of snow and strong winds (maximum pressure 5400 Pa - approximately 550 kg/m2).

Micron 60 M specification sheet

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